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TMR Seafood & BBQ Express燒烤代訂

​預訂TMR Seafood & BBQ Express燒烤食物進場 

Welcome Beach 不包括炭,飲品,網,調味料等等,並需要收取服務費$150元/爐

​Ordering from TMR Seafood & BBQ Express, Welcome Beach (WB) will not provide charcoal, drinks, BBQ net, seasoning etc., and service charge $150/grill is needed.  

*燒烤套餐有包括炭及燒烤用具等 詳情請參考TMR Seafood & BBQ Express 資料

凡於海迎灘成功預訂露營車代用券的客人,與TMR Seafood & BBQ Express訂購食物時可以享有95折優惠詳細資料請參閱: 




​預訂時請向TMR Seafood & BBQ Express (TONY) 提供:
預訂日子、姓名、電話及預訂編號 以作核實


If guest(s) found  any problems about food quality, transportation, sanitation etc., guest(s) have to contact the supplier directly, WB shall not be responsible. 

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