COVID-19 cases decreased obviously. We will resume service.


*Caravan voucher holders their reservation is not affected, reservation before 21/4 may also request for full refund*

-Guests please follow the rules from the gov. (wear your mask, gathering ban etc) and keep the social distance to protect yourself.

-Please take a rapid test on the day of check-in to ensure a negative result and bring it along with you.

- No more than 2 families in a caravan


Guests will be refrained from staying if they:

(i) Are required to undergo compulsory testing by the compulsory testing notice issued by HKSAR Government; or

(ii) Have travelled any of the locations outside of Hong Kong in the past 21 days (except those who have engaged in the "Return2hk" or "Come2hk" Travel Scheme); or

(iii) Have had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days; or

(iv) Have lived / stayed at the same building with confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days; or

(v) Are experiencing symptoms of respiratory discomfort




已預訂4月份的代用劵人士可以繼續前來或21/4前的客人可以選擇退款, 但必須遵守政府規定進行的活動





以下代用劵人士均不能前來並會安排退款 :

(i) 需要根據香港特別行政區發出的強制檢測公告接受強制病毒檢測的人士或

(ii) 在過去21天內曾經外遊至香港以外地區 (參與「回港易」或「來港易」計劃除外) 或

(iii) 在過去14天內曾與確診新冠肺炎患者有密切接觸或

(iv) 在過去14天內曾居住/暫住於有確診新冠肺炎個案之處所或

(v) 現時出現呼吸道不適徵狀人士

有關更改日子注意事項: 

如欲更改代用券生效日期, 客戶需於申請日期當天起計六十天內進場 (只限更改一次),並須於7個工作天內回覆另擇日期,逾期未有預約者當放棄論。 